Avast VPN Vs PIA

Avast VPN and PIA both have the capability to keep you confidential while online, but have advantages and disadvantages. Both are excellent alternatives for safeguarding your personal information. PIA contains a larger network and better speeds, although Avast’s SecureLine VPN provides more personal privacy and https://it-dev.info/free-torrent-vpn-top-5-to-consider-right-now coverage. Both solutions have better customer support and shorter free sample periods. Consider your options and decide which one is right for you.

PIA and Avast VPN offer very similar features, but PIA can be faster. The two VPNs have dedicated servers, and Avast has more. PIA offers more hosts in more locations. While the two services support torrenting, PIA allows you to gain access to content that others happen to be streaming. Irrespective of the similarities in speed, Avast has more features and a more substantial knowledge foundation.

While Avast has a faster server count, PIA has more overall web server locations. Equally VPNs deliver solid encryption and fast speeds, but PIA’s privacy policies differ. PIA stores connection data and permits logging. Avast allows for more detailed information about your web activity. Avast’s service also offers more servers, yet PIA’s are usually faster.

Avast has more machines than PIA, but PIA is more pricey. While Avast is cheaper, PIA is more expensive. PIA also has better speeds. Avast’s average velocity is 3Mbps while PIA’s is a little faster in 3Mbps. Though PIA hasn’t got nearly numerous machines, its higher speed is compensated by its lower price.